a painting of a woman and a man
a collage of photos with a man in a cone hat
a drawing of a skull on a piece of paper
a man is laying on the ground next to a car
a person standing on the ground with a pair of shoes
a painting of people walking down the street
a black and white photo of a group of people in a car
a painting of people dancing at a party
a photo of a woman with a blue mask on her face
a painting of a child with red paint on his face
a photo of a man and woman standing in a field
a dead bird laying on the ground
a drawing of a chair with dripping paint on it
a drawing of a woman with a mask on it
a drawing of a group of people with masks on their faces
a blackboard with a lot of writing on it
a painting of a red flower on a black background
a drawing of a fish on a blackboard
a drawing of a man holding a ball
a photo of a man with a hat on his head
a computer generated image of a man with glasses
three wooden clogs on a dark table